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Well tell the results using a shot timer with your sas and a standard p365 or move out to 50 feet and try again . OR see how well the sas sight works at night when its dark enought to need a gun light or handheld and see how the sas sights work compared to any ole standard sight . I tried one at out lgs with the owner . Went into a storage room , no lights . Hand held light turned on as older LE would have used and the ft bullseye sight was not visible . Only a slide top . Anyhow good luck .

To many of todays shooters think of the slide hold open / lock is a release and complain when it does not work well specially when there small tight to the frame/slide and thin sheet metal ! If they learn to practice a Tap Rap Bang drill they would be better off . I'm surprised how many people that carry have no idea what the tap rack bang drill even is or how it works . Only time I ever used a hold open to release a slide was in matches years ago .
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