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SIG 365 SAS range report

Picked mine up this week.../put some rounds through it.

Love the gun. Sights take a bit to get used to, but intuitive. Very easy to shoot this gun. Very easy to hit center of mass with it and to do so quickly.

Love the ports....I know they are controversial. But they really do work.

Compared to the standard 365, I think you give up some precision but in return, get speed.

I could pump the trigger as fast as I could and at 15 ft, every single round was center of mass. Maybe that’s not a big deal.....but just trying to make the point that I think the SAS is perfect for what it was designed to do.

The slide release/lock sucks. Works as a lock. But it’s not an issue for me.

Those that buy this gun and complain about the sights, slide release, and ports, then don’t buy it. Otherwise it’s akin to buying a corvette and complaining about the back seat.

So far, really happy with the gun.
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