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wanting to run Mono HW in IPSC/USPSA

I'm wanting to use my weight legal (42.8 oz with empty magazine) Baer Mono Heavy in IPSC Single Stack.

Do folks do this? Can I do this?

I suppose it's up to my local matches.

I see old references to rules not allowing full length dust covers, but now I'm not seeing said references in current rules, and can't find copies of old rules.

Next I guess next would be holster choice, and I was thinking of cutting up a Safariland retention holster where it starts to narrow. I'd still have enough holster left for the retention locking lug and all three holster screw mounts would still be in place to the belt loop.


I just want a place to put a lot more rounds through what has unintentionally become a safe queen. Competitions are so much more fun than just wasting rounds at the range.
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