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I have a CMP Special I bought from the Anniston store last spring. You can not tell its not a brand new gun. I got it in .308, new criterion barrel. Everything reparerized. Only thing is the crappy new stocks they put on them. But its a great shooting gun. You don't have to shoot a match.just be a member of an affiliate range or for 20 bucks join the Garand owners association and they will send one to your house. Don't forget to order more clips and a bayonet if you want. But nothing take a the place of going there to pick one out yourself. The range store is carrying lots now. The used to just have a few on the wall but now have 4 racks on the floor as well. Buy a gun, some ammo and get a range pass. They make you go to the 100 yard range first for sight in. Do well. There and you can move to the 200/600 yard range. The electronic targets are great. Instant feedback.

Don't forget two forms of I'd. Passport, Birth cert. DL. Ccncealed carry permit. Dd214. Its different from buying from a gun store but the are nice folks. The armorers who build them do duty in the store also.
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