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A few months ago, I found a Danish Garand with a VAR barrel at a local gun shop.

Very nice rifle, shoots really well after I got it disassembled and reassembled it correctly.

Someone had inserted the lifter backwards.

It just DID NOT look right, but I couldn't tell what the problem was.

I took it to a buddy of mine who's my Garand Guru.

He looked at it and admitted I was right that something wasn't right, then pointed it out to me.

So we disassembled it and re-assembled it.

Checked it with Go-No Go Gauges and it checked out fine with acceptable imprint from the firing pin.

It's a nice shooter with Danish Cartouches on it including a Brass Danish Seal.

Cost me $1,200.

Worth every penny.

I hope you have some luck like that finding a similar Garand.
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