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I arrived home from work in Riverside CA. some 450 miles south of the bat area. I turned on the TV to watch the World Series. I went back outside to get stuff out of the truck and heard what sounded like a "roaring train" coming up the street. (Note this is 450 miles from the epicenter!)

I didn't think too much of it until I saw the stadium and the Nimitz Freeway. I'm familiar with the area as a frequent flyer to the bay area. For several hours the media didn't realize that they were looking at a two level freeway and there were cars and people sandwiched between the layers.

I was stunned and mesmerized by the scenes!

The Northridge Earthquake had a personal connection to me. There is an iconic photo of a freeway fallen on a Ford Pickup with just the bed sticking out with the front smashed. Two people inside were killed. The were "car pooling" to a job I was supervising!

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