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Originally Posted by Tom S. View Post
OK - I know that this is a 1911 forum, but its the only gun forum that I follow and I figure that a lot of you gentlemen know a lot more about the M1 than I ever will. I'm looking to add one to my collection and need a short course on what to look for, what to avoid, and what to expect to pay. Could someone point me to a good reliable source for a little education?
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The “book of the Garand” by Major General Julian S. Hatcher is also essential reading for any M1 owner or fan. I believe it was published in 1948. It’s an absolutely fascinating book, and is surprisingly available digitally on the iTunes book store. Whether you get a collector type M1 or a refurbished shooter, it will surely become one of the most cherished rifles in your collection. Mine certainly are.
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