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Non-perishable food in quantity
water in quantity and a source/means of replenishment
Means of protection/securing what I want to keep
Tools (gardening, mechanical, etc.)
Gardening supplies and a means to preserve/process what I grow
Sanitation/medical supplies
Knowledge and skills on how to use the above

This assumes that I already have shelter and a somewhat secure location already, which I do. It also assumes that I am in good health/condition, which I am. I do have vehicles that "should" run, and stores of stabilized fuel, generators (portable gasoline-powered and whole-house with natural gas fuel supply plus propane conversion kits if needed), etc., but these are all things that will draw attention and/or consume things that are not easily replaced or replicated. I have bicycles and other "human-powered" devices. I even have livestock, including horses, but none of these are more important than the top 7 above.
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