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Love the Honda small gas engines -- power washer, lawn mower, small tiller. I Have a walk-behind brush hog over 20 years old with a 15HP Kawasaki that still rocks.

That said, I feel your sticker shock on the larger Honda Generators, likely the best gasoline solutions from efficiency and noise level -- I ended up with a cheaper Dewalt (Chinese Briggs & Stratton) for the house with electric start. It works, but it is loud. Regardless, buy one with fuel shut-off valve and run it dry after use to keep the carburetor clean & dry during storage.

I'm a Husqvarna 2-cycle guy for chainsaw, 22" Bar. Over time, my leaf blower, pole saw, etc. have come to sport the Husqvarna label. Most of my buddies have Stihls -- I don't think they make them like they used to. I think if you can budget into the $4-500+ range, you'll have a serious tool with either brand, rather than the cheapest models available at the big box stores.

A family member has a 1970's vintage Stihl (28" bar, capable of 36" -- I think 72 CC which indeed rocks!

Finally, I've become a believer in the full synthetic 2 cycle oils. Consider premium gas and/or Sta-bil for intermittent use equipment.
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