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Portable or semi-portable generators are now available that run on dual fuel. Semi-Portable to me means it will roll on wheels but weigh too much to be loaded in a pick up even with two strong people. To load the big ones, use an engine hoist or overhead pulley/winch device. I speak of this because I own one. Size matters. They are usually rated with two numbers; running and peak watts. These big numbers are quickly reduced to amps by dividing by voltage....the amps will allow you figure out what you can run. Long, small gauge extension cords are your enemy. Buy big watts, get many amps. Buy dual fuel and be glad later. Propane is easier to store and doesn’t get old and screw up carburetors. To get the A/C on line, have a licensed electrician tap into your breaker box, run a 220 receptacle to a covered patio. Have him explain how to open the commercial service main breaker and close the generator input circuit. You’ll need to shed (open) all circuits to the house, then close them individually after your generator is on line. By closing them individually, you avoid spiking the load. Grab that A/C 220 breaker and close it, that’s when you are reminded the cost was worth it! I know this because I was cool last weekend when the power went off. You can get a dual power big enough to stay cool for $1200 and my electrician charged me $220 for the work. You will need the special, as short as possible umbilical cord between the generator and your breaker panel input. You can keep the refer and freezer running with a small generator but you ain’t gonna stay cool with one.
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