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I have a Generac 22Kw system that runs on natural gas and have a kit to convert to propane if needed, not that I have had to to-date. It is programmed to run once a week at a prescribed time for 30 minutes under a load and I have a telemetry system that allows the installer to monitor it for any issues. I also have a contract with them to maintain it with oil changes and other maintenance needs. It has "saved the day" more than once when we have had weather-related power outages, some lasting over a week. It is already very quiet, but I have some noise abatement structure around it to minimize what remaining noise signature it has, and this is very effective as well. I have a very reliable source for natural gas, thus that fuel choice. Mine ran continuously for over a week on the longest outage I've had since installing it, and no issues at all with either the generator or the power in the house.

I do have a backup in the form of a 10Kw diesel generator and an 8Kw gasoline generator. To this add a small Honda generator that I use for camping and at my hunting lease.

If you want to run systems into the house that are not installed as full-house, and not just run a bunch of extension cords, you will want an interface at your breaker box that allows you to plug your generator in and that will prevent feedback to the grid.

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