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I chose natural gas for the convenance. I didn't want the added work hauling diesel, monitoring fuel levels, ect. The same for propane. My generator is the only thing that I have that runs on gas. (but not for long). I can't hardly tell any difference between the minimum bill and the bill from the time the generator runs. The gas has not been turned off in my area for many years if ever and no one remembers gas pressure dropping so low that stuff won't work. The power in my area is not usually off very often or for very long. I was off twice so far this month for about 6 hours total. All of these facts weighed on my choices. I was looking for something that would give me adequate service with a minimum amount of labor on my part.

I have hooked up several larger diesel generators (300 horse power or so) and have a great amount of respect for a diesel. I just didn't want to mess with fuel. I also didn't want the noise. A cold dead diesel is also a bear to start. I do like the way they will carry the load, don't bog down, ect.
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