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Originally Posted by SFC Rick View Post
Sorry gentleman... but your myths about diesel storage and propane usage are grossly exaggerated.

I have a 200 gallon propane tank that last 3 weeks under load running 24/7....guess what? That's not hyperbole... that is actual data from my usage during 2 hurricane outages of 2 and 3 week durations. Like I said before, having had to chase down 5-8 gallons of gasoline a day to run my gasoline generator during previous hurricane outages, that was the primary reason to toss out the gasoline generators(besides brush lifespans) and opt for the permanent propane generator.

80-100 gallon propane usage a day.... come on, no one is going to believe that.
Brother, I've nothing but respect for you- but an 14-22k propane generator, under 50ish % load, WILL burn fuel at the rates I cited...

Sorry, but I'm not buying 180 gallons (the max allowed in a 200 gallon tank, to allow for expansion) lasting 2 weeks, 24/7. Even the manufacturers don't claim that kind of efficiency....
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