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Diesel storage...

I bought a 1000 gallon diesel tank off of an old man that buys, reconditions, and sells them. He has told me (on more than one occasion) that he has often bought old farm tanks that have been sitting with varying amounts of diesel fuel in them for over 40 years. I believe he said the oldest diesel he has used (recently) was from the 60's, found in a tank.

When he buys these "forgotten" or no longer needed tanks (often from heirs after the old farmers/ranchers have been long dead), he transfers the diesel into another tank on his trailer so he can load the one he bought, empty. Then he uses that diesel in his trucks and equipment...sort of a fringe benefit.

He says that he has NEVER found diesel that he couldn't use. And he has been doing this for a living for over 40 years. His recommendation was to just keep a clean fuel filter on the tank, and diesel will literally last a lifetime.

So far, knock on wood, that has also been my experience.
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