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Depending on the extent of local emergencies, people may also consider a moderate-sized solar array mounted on the roof of a house or outbuilding, or even on a pole/stand that “tracks” the sun (to give more solar generating hours per day).

Such an array can easily be relied upon to power refrigerators, freezers, lights, televisions, well pumps, etc., etc., during the day when the sun is out.

This could then be paired with a small portable generator to power an A/C unit, and heavier loads (electric stove/oven, microwave, etc.).

If one didn’t mind a little bit of “electric censorship” during a disaster, this is a good setup, maintenance free, and, if tied to a grid, could also be used to “sell back” electricity to the power company the rest of the year, lowering one’s electric bill substantially. Of course, without a battery storage setup, solar will only work during the day....but in the South, is a substantial source of supplemental, maintenance free power.

It won’t, however, run an A/C unit unless you have a very large array. Hence the “censorship”.

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