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We have a 14k Kohler with an auto transfer switch and a 250 gal propane tank. It runs my whole house and once ran 4 days straight. Only one issue in 6 years was an ant nest the 1st year that got built in the main breaker in the unit that caused a missed start. Itís 30yds from the house next to the woods. The installer came out in the rain, diaged it and pulled a breaker from a new unit at his shop to get me running that nite. Since then I put an ant trap trice a year in the enclosure and no more issues.
My point is all things break no matter how well made, **** happens. I think a good installer with a reputation for good support is as important as the brand.

I went with the Koehler due to good reviews , and our local Generac dealer was very rude and had an attitude.
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