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This is something I’ve researched and dreamed about for years. I do have a portable generator but it isn’t large enough to run the whole house and all the extension cords running everywhere is a PITA. Wayyyy down here in SoFla the power goes out often as a result of hurricanes or other similar storms. It would be really sweet to have a whole home generator that automatically flips on. The problem I have is where I live its difficult to get the approval to bury the tank. Whether it’s propane or diesel it has to be a certain distance from things so if it blows or goes nobody else gets injured. And I don’t have a yard large enough to put it the required distance from the neighbors or street.
My only advice to the OP is if you do get one make sure it’s properly protected as my neighbor has one and flying debris from Irma last year destroyed the housing thereby damaging the generator itself and they were out of luck.
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