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When I retired about 25% of my neighbors including me bought generators. Most if not all are Generac 20 or 22KW. A local farm coop stocks them along with filters and minor parts.

I considered several options and the Generac running on Natural gas won out. I have a diesel tractor and considered a PTO driven generator. But I didn't want the work involved to connect it evertime that we needed it. I also didn't want to deal with hauling diesel fuel. I considered a larger diesel generator but that takes me back to hauling or ordering fuel.

A few of us have had some trouble with Generac. Mine had a bad control board right out of the crate. It was replaced under warranty. The first time it started it threw a rod. Again it was repaired under warranty. It seems like they built them really fast and depended on the service guys to fix them. After this it has been dependable for a few years now.

The 22KW runs my entire all electric home. We do exercise a little judgement and try to manage the load. That is, we don't cook, wash dishes, wash and dry clothes, ect all at the same time. But the generator will do it.
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