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DW Specialist: My Best Group at Distance EVER!

I was at the range yesterday and I took along my Dan Wesson Specialist Commander 9mm. I have really neglected it since I bought it because I have purchased quite a few guns in rapid succession and I didn't get to give the Specialist the time it deserves.

For whatever reason I got into a groove when I was shooting the Specialist; it did everything I wanted it to. Inside of ten yards, like my other DWs and WCs, my Specialist can make a ragged holes all day. As is my custom, just before I put away one of my 1911s when I'm done practicing inside of 10 yards, I put my target out to the end of the range, which is about 17 yards at this particular range, and shoot a few 5 round groups. Well, I only wound up shooting one group at that distance with the Specialist yesterday. I figured there was no chance of improving on it In fact, the only way I will EVER improve on it would be with a rifle on a benchrest!

Yesterday I shot my Best Group at Distance EVER!

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