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The Big Bad 10MM

I recently was witness to the Killing Power of the Big Bad 10mm.

A farmers cow got out into the roadway and was hit by a small car(totaled) and had a badly broken leg and traffic stopped because the road was blocked.
A few minutes later the farmer arrived and as the group/crowd gathered it was determined that the cow would be "put down" to end its suffering..
I go to my pickup truck to get the old lever rifle I always carry.

About that time Local cop arrives as I am about to shoot down the standing on 3 legs cow..
He tells me to "stand back"..as he draws the BIG BAD 10mm from his holster and tells everyone to look away because he is going to "dispatch" the animal..

I offer him my rifle and he says(with a smirk).."I don't need that. I have a 10mm"

He fires body shot..BANG!..The cow MOOS and runs on 3legs. dragging broken leg behind..He fires 3 running shots BANGBANGBANG!!
Cow stumbles but keeps running..now cop is running/firing behind cow..BANGBANG,,finally cow goes down..

He turns around to crowd and says.."im sorry you all had to witness that but sometimes animals have to be put down to end the suffering"

He holsters weapon and walks towards crowd to try and clear traffic
As cow tries to get up and is bleeding and crowd cant believe it..
Women/children crying..men are saying,"why didn't he use the rifle"?
Women yelling.."let itlive..stop shooting it"..

Cow still trying to get up//

Cop draws the "Big 10mm again and empties it..Cow goes down again and at the point cop is looking at his pistol and wondering what the heck is wrong?

I don't even know how many total shots he fired into the poor cow..

At that point you could still see the cow laying in the ditch bleeding/breathing/moaning

I finally walked back to my truck and put the rifle away and waited for traffic to start moving..

10mm?..No..Not impressed.
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