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After the 64 quake lots of development for quakes. Most of the damage was on silt where it liquids during the quake causing ground to shaking blob of goo. This is what caused most of the damage in the 64 and this shaker. The rock bed area not so much as is just shakes on rock bed. This fault split was 18 miles and shook for 1 minute, 64 quake had 500 mile split and shook for 4.5 mins. 14 homes in the Sand Lake area probably will need to be pushed over. A few in chicken creek. Schools took the worse hit, several will be closed all year and into next year with 3 possible bull dozed and rebuild. And to know, 7.0 shaker not that uncommon in Alaska with 6s happen quite frequent. 5 doesn't even get someone to notice. But the 4-5 aftershocks do now as they were happening several times a day.

Within hours Minnesota off ramps were under repair. The Glenn took more time to sort it out with traffic flow. Repaired and in use all last week. Seward rock slides took sometime as rocks kept falling...like any other day.

Of course govt business all closed and many several days into last week. Most private business back to work that day after assessing damage and just about all open on Sat.

No looting or rioting even with Carrs losing all windows and wide open for anyone to walk in.

Anchorage has a traffic problem and this was magnified trying to get to the schools. It took hours to drive a few miles.

We lost most of the wife glass nick knacks, one TV, gray water for 2 days and settling in our floor, back 10 feet it slopes now to the back and our back porch is twisted.
Still had electric with running water, checked for gas and electric shorts, filled up what we could with water, turned on the radio and sat relaxing. We did venture out to see if neighbors need help and to talk the quake. We have back up stoves and plenty of can goods stored. My son has a dozen sheet rock cracks.

Bugging out is a myth in a real crisis as the roads are congested or closed, airports are closed, rail nope so private plane on private strip / lake most reliable but could be shot down depending on the crisis and boat. By foot is walking miles to get where. I guess with the right plan and resources its possible not practical in real life.

Its was proven there is less 3 days of food stored in retail. Staples like bread, milk water meats gone within hours. Our Carrs didn't have milk or water even on Tuesday.
Freddies supply chain better with milk and limited water on Tuesday. Can goods down to few on the shelves, frozen about half gone. Junk food plenty.

Hoards a news teams arrived late Friday into Saturday morning to find nothing. They wanted to sensationalize it but life as normal with road damage being worked. News teams were disappointed that people were not in streets looting or causing havoc no panic. If they would have stayed around all weekend they could have sensationalize the school damage but they went home soon after arriving very disappointed from what I hear from those who dealt with them. Even our worthless mayor said on TV he is letting those who know and can do, do it while he stays out of the way and gathers data to pass long. I give him some credit that he did not prop himself up for future office.
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