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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
Proof positive that in an emergency bugging out via the main roads is a complete waste of time. Tonight I sat in traffic for over an hour because of an accident further up the road. If it had been the result of a natural disaster or the North Koreans invading there's absolutely no way in Hell that anyone was going to be able to use these roads to get where they think they'll be safe. Better to hunker down in place and make sure you've got everything you need at home. And don't expect to be able to GET home if you're not already there.
+1. The plan for the westsiders to relocate to Grand Coulee Dam is ridiculous. I’ve seen the supplies (about thirty years ago they were there, anyway) but the two lane roads won’t handle the traffic. Just as well, after the idiotic laws the voters in Sno-King-Pierce Counties have forced on the rest of the state no one wants to see them anyway.

BTW, I’m glad you and yours are okay, Akbowman.

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