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Thanks for all the well wishes! It is much appreciated. After 24 hours to assess, my wife and I are relatively ok from yesterday, less than a grand’s worth of damage to our property, but many others did not fare so well. Thankfully, no deaths from this. Repairs will take quite some time as far as the roads go, due to frozen ground, snow, etc etc. Bridges and overpasses are a mess. I did make a run to the store yesterday about 90 minutes after the quake, and I was thankful that I didn’t have to bug out, as a mile long drive took me nearly an hour on back roads. The highway was a bumper to bumper gridlock. Anchorage has only 1 highway in and out to the north and to the south, so getting out other than flying or hoofing it through the mountains is out of the question.

We are a resilient bunch, and will make it through!
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