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Anchorage Lesson learned

Having gone through the shaker in Anchorage this morning, I came to a realization that Iíve not had before, and wanted to share with everyone. Several electric appliances and electronics hit the floor, and the power went out. Normally, I would have simply picked them up and gone about the rest of the required cleanup, but today I realized ďwhat if thereís internal damage that I canít see, and suppose the power gets restored as Iíve got my meat hooks wrapped around somethingĒ. So, I went and unplugged everything first, and then began cleanup. Just a little something to keep in mind!

Anchorage is kind of a mess, but thankfully, thereís no fatalities from this, and only one serious injury reported so far. My wife, my friends, and myself are all good. Roads and bridges, on the other hand, didnít fare as well. Anchorage only has 2 roads in/out, and both have suffered damage to bridges and overpasses. Gonna be a long recovery!
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