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10/20/18 at 8700 rounds and I'm glad to report the 3rd front sight is still doing fine.

Another pleasant surprise was I tightened up my accuracy (@ 15 yards) by installing a different barrel bushing.

I didn't want to spend any more money than I had to with this gun, but wanted to try another barrel bushing. I realized I had an extra (actually two) spare Kimber barrel bushing in my parts box. Kimber doesn't have a "Commander" 4.25" 1911 as their closest models are 4.0" bushingless bull-barreled types.

The stock Kimber bushing had a nicely tighter fit, yet could still be assembled & disassembled by hand. I, therefore, cut down the full-size bushing with a hacksaw and cleaned up the burrs and the Kimber bushing is working great. I may actually keep this 1911 after-all. I'll estimate my 15 yard group shrunk another few inches. My group is still large, but that's just me with my limited shooting abilities.

For Post#35, I installed a Novak adjustable rear sight and dialed-in my group to my liking. Ruger's store has one for sale, but I found one (I think the same sight) on Brownell's.

Summary: It's a good 4.25" Commander-sized 1911. Should you buy one, be aware the front sight could break-off and consider replacing the front sight with an aftermarket one, although Ruger will repair such sight under warranty and only the slide would need to be sent in.

Small parts could be substituted-in if desired, such as: a plunger spring (my safety's action seemed a bit "soft"); grips; firing pin stop; rear sight; front sight; and barrel bushing. The front sight(s) were all that were necessary due to breakage and Ruger replaced under warranty. Recoil springs were replaced at ~2K to 3K intervals.
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