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Originally Posted by Kodadek View Post
Simply put I have not seen a Commander sized model within my price range that I like, nor am I overly concerned with the issue of weight. If the eighty-one year old retired Sheriff next door to my father can carry a full sized Korean War vintage 1911A1 concealed (he carried it the length of his career on and off duty) then I think I can manage just fine.

If there were commander length options with good sights in my price range I'd happily consider them.
I dont know your price range and if a all steel Goverment model is what you think you don't mind carrying around 7/24/365 then have at it. I carry one in the winter but summer, with dress attire and the fact I do alot of activities and constantly on the go (as Im not 81 yrs old yet) the full size 1911 collects dust. Springfield Armory & RIA have GI commander & officers models thats at or below Taurus's price tag if your mind is not already made up. Theres always the used market too.
Look around and do your homework, what works for the 95 yr old geezer down the road... may not work for you.
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