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The funny thing is, I've been carrying the G2c for half a year now. I bought 2 spare mags the same day I picked it up, and I've fed it S&B 115, 124's and a whole mess of handloads: lead, rn, tc, hp, coated and jacketed .. 95gr, 115, 124, 135, 147.. Lotsa' testing, all about 4 to 8 yards. (where I'd expect trouble)

Never had a single FTF or FTE. Never had a magazine act squirrely. I usually just drop a round in the chamber, slam it closed and slap in a full mag for carry. At the range I either thumb in a few rounds and rack it, or I use the maglula to pack the mag.

I was trying to adjust the sights this week, and I give up: it readjusted itself while I was shooting and it's ALWAYS low, left. Groups are iffy, but I've loads for 135 and 124 that shred the targets nicely - Low. And left. (Hey, it groups with them so I blame me).

If I didn't have a Kareen showing up next week & BHSS stuff to get, I'd invest in a truglo rear sight and take a file to the front sight. The Lakeline LLC SS guiderod/spring and the SS firing-pin/striker guide are nice and I've used both since the day I bought this thing new.

It's not my EAA Witness 45, and I doubt it's comparable to the Kareen/HP - but it shoots reliably and when desired; it's comfortable. I dunno if I should plan to sell it off or keep it for.. emergencies.

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