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6" low at 25 yards would not even get my attention - that's about 2" at 7 yds which is a much more likely distance for a pocket pistol and pretty good targeting. Maybe you're holding a little '6:00-ish'?
The only reason I came here is because I suddenly realized that I might be interested in a G2 and a G2C. I like my older 24-7 Pro .45. Its one of those that was recalled but mine has always worked great. Plus, I put night sights on it. Its one of those guns that seems right to my hand and it has a manual safety that was carried over in the G2. The G2 would replace my CZ75 P-01 and the G2C would replace my Kel Tec P-11. I require a manual safety for a striker-fired pistol and the trigger lever safety doesn't count.
I never have taken to the P-01 and the Kel Tec has that really hard pull, but I'll probably keep it - that thing has been with me for a long time. Maybe I'll send it to FL for a 'fluff and buff'.
Anyway, if the G2 fits me like the old one, I'll buy both of them. They are selling locally (G2) for $250. Then I'll most likely let the P-01 go.
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