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After reading Steve's original extractor discussion I thought my Ruger SR1911 LW CMDR's extractor was fitted wrong. The claw is pressing on the groove. But now I see that this is in fact the way it should be.

My SR1911 is new with only about 100 rounds of hardball and 20 rounds of hollowpoints through it. But I've had occasional FTF where the cartridge doesn't go all the way into the chamber. Its stops maybe 1/4" short of battery. A bump on the rear of the slide sends it home. With the barrel removed, a loaded cartridge drops cleanly into the chamber with no hang ups. It seems to pass the shake test where it holds with gentle to moderate shaking, but with hard shaking it will eventually come out. But I'm thinking that the tension may be a little too tight. Here is what mine looks like. I'd appreciate thoughts on what to do with the extractor, if anything. Thanks.
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