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Surprise! ;-) Gun is on the way back today....

No call from STI CS...Just a tracking number in my in-box. Should be here Monday after it sits in the UPS truck for 2 days - or maybe the UPS agents will take it to the back of the depot and break in the new slide for me. ;-)

I like to ship my gun's overnight and pay for the overnight upgrade to do so, but STI due to their lack of communication didn't give me the opportunity.

Not sure what slide type they used, the original (discontinued) Costa-CC, or the newer version. Just guessing it was the original version. The CS agent doesn't know.

Also, as I mentioned above, I wrote a request on the RMA to have them change my grip to the new G2 version (not for free, on my dime). Also told their CS agent about this 2X over the last month's. He has no idea if it was done.

Are these CS shortfalls significant? Meh, not really, as long as the gun shoots as well as it did NOOB. But, with a tiny bit more effort (like a phone call) they could improve their service dramatically. (Or maybe I am just a spoiled-puppy because of my time with Wilson Combat gun's- LOL!)

I'll strip and inspect it by Tuesday and give another update.
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