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Originally Posted by Jacobconroy75 View Post
Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
Sentinels always had 8 shot mags with 9mm or .38s and the compacts are not quite big enough to get an extra round to fit I believe whole the full size can just barely get 10 in.
Interesting. I wish someone would make a pinky finger mag plate (like the Springfield XDS mag plates) for the Sentinel 8-round clips. Then I could control a Sentinel grip correctly. Oh well, compacts for me!

Also like how the Experior Commander Compact has front serrations and ball/carry cuts. Pretty sexy IMO.
Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
Right so here is what a stroker gun is, you can see my fullsize 9mm/.45 slides and how they have very different recoil plug sections and with the ends of the slides aligned notice how the fullsize has a half inch more room on that section to slide into the frame. When I move my carry comp slide onto my ed brown (can't fit on my 9mm due to ejector differences) and lock it open you can easily the difference in how much travel a compact slide allows vs a fullsize slide. This lowers the amount of time a compact has to "get everything done" and is compensated by a heavier spring to slow the slide down since it has less space to move and is also lighter and tends to want to move faster as well.

A stroker is when they take a fullsize frame and its longer dust cover/recoil abutment area and make a compact slide have the same overall distance of travel as a fullsize slide would normally have so that the reliability is unaffected and impulse can be kept really low.

So you can see here the compact slide retracts further at the dustcover but has less actual travel, the stroker system keeps the travel and allows the slide to retract this far as well. I believe (not totally certain) this is done by cutting back the long recoil lug section on a fullsize frame to the point that in some cases you can see your hammer when you pull the slide back looking at the breachface. Video below probably explains this whole concept better than I can lol!


As is said above it's all about the gun acting neutral and is why I hated my 9mm full-size at first because for me it just didn't recover and react predictably for me until I changed the spring to one that allowed me to recover automatically and more importantly kept the recoil event fast and distinct instead of rolling since I personally prefer a quick tap that self resets even if it comes off target more as long as it recovers to where I started and does so instantly. That's one reason I am so fast with my carry comp, that particular gun with the spring pack I selected and my ammo and shooting style combine to allow me to get way higher performance than is normal since everything "clicks" perfectly. My shadow II on paper should do better but in reality since it doesn't recover neutral (it's low) and it's cycle is slower I tend to drop or overdrive shots and can't even tie the carry comp even with a massive holster advantage since I am "fighting" the gun to do what I want to/can do speed wise.
What lb recoil spring did you go with on the 5” 9mm?
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