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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post

.....so it does not compete on a level playing field.....
Not even close to accurate. A PCC shooter is not competing against an Open shooter or a Limited shooter, nor is a Production shooter competing against an Open shooter. This is why we have divisions.

Your argument is like a Production shooter complaining about Open shooters.

The Pistol caliber in PCC is why it fits in a match with stages designed for a pistol as opposed to a rifle. The rifle stages at most matches I have attended, are designed with much farther distances than a PCC could manage.

You don't like em, We get that, Im sure my views won't change your mind. But the division is getting more and more popular. The host ranges are getting more used to running a match with them so they run more smoothly than at first. And they are fun to run.

Where do you attend matches here in Florida?

edited to add that my perspective is from the USPSA side of competition, but my comments apply to either. There is no such thing as leveling the playing field. Every match I have ever been to, all competitors played by the same rules, on the exact same stages, scored exactly the same for each competitor. By their respective divisions. It can't get any more level than that.....(I do not shoot IDPA, I have, but choose not too)
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