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Just in case... Sorting on Practiscore is as simple as clicking on your class: Limited=LTD. Click on LTD and the class results will then pull up. FWIW, I'm of the opinion that a shoulder fired weapon with a 16" barrel, regardless of caliber is a rifle. That being said, I don't mind competing against them when I'm shooting a pistol/handgun. I have a couple of PCCs and love shooting them. Without a doubt, they're easier to shoot and hit with, which is why every Military on the planet outfits their troops with rifles.

We had several shooting AR rimfires yesterday at the Steel Challenge Match where I shot, (CASA, I was 2nd of 4 in Limited Class). It's pretty tough to compete against that. Although they're not in my class, I compete against everyone. I try to be first overall, but I never have been first overall, or second, or third. But I try. Also, I never have figured out why the rimfire handgun guys can start from low ready, vice from the holster.

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