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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
A rifle is a firearm fired from the shoulder, while a pistol is a firearm fired using one or both hands.
You seem really hung up on the term short barreled rifle. I am not sure why.

Also, please confirm that the IDPA club that you shoot at posts results to Practiscore? If they do, has anyone ever showed you how to sort results by division?

This past weekend in a monthly USPSA/IPSC match that I help run we had about 45 shooters, 12 of them shooting PCC. Some were 16 inch rifles and some were NFA/SBR guns. I shot revolver with my Smith 929. Looking at the overall results, I got beat by a bunch of guns and I beat a lot of people in other divisions. It isnt the end of the world. Had I shot my Sig MPX or CMMG Guard, I might have won PCC division. Maybe not. It doesn't mean I am going to quit shooting. Looking at the shooters in Revo division, I absolutely dominated. The only other guy shooting revo was nobody. I had a good time hanging out with friends and putting holes in cardboard.
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