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Originally Posted by Reloader View Post
Maybe I missed it - what was the "technique"? It seemed that the flashlight was held by the head - or somewhere out of sight and the gun hand extended to make the shot. If so, I think that is called the turret stance, versus the Harries, FBI (maybe generic police), gun mounted light, or Rogers forms.

Or was this simply practicing a technique new to you?
New to me since I primarily use a WML or have the light in my hand already then combine into the Rogers hold. Problem was I was finding that unless the light was already in my left hand I could not consistently get the Rogers to work and that I wasn't entirely happy with the sight lighting situation.

If I have something with a WML it's easy and nothing changes vs a normal draw, if the light is in my hand it's also fine but the sights are harder to use since all that's visible is the outline and maybe the vials. I was trying to figure out something that allows better view of the sights and is consistent every time without a WML since I don't prefer to conceal carry one.
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