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Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
Pretty much like dsk said - real life situation you won't be drawing after you go into harm's way, but still a fun drill none the less. I can show you the technique for hand-held light in low-light shoot that Ken teaches, it is real-life practical for most situations.

Who is going to keep a set of yellow glasses on the nightstand and don them before going to check out bumps in the night, or don them before going into a semi-dark barn or other structure during subdued daylight? Most folks are going in with what they have at an "oh crap!" moment. Find what works in "unexpected" low-light moments that you are LIKELY to respond with. JMHO.
I would really appreciate if you taught me that, I realize that most of the time the light would already be out or in hand but I trying to work on if for some reason I need to pull both. Never worked on it before so I wanted to fill the gap.
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