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Not sure which is worse absolutely no communication or every time I called a different manufactures customer service I received a different story.

I sent in a new rifle of a different manufacture for an issue straight out of the box and it was at the mothership for approximately 4 months or more when initially I was told it would be a very short visit. In fact the last call resulted in a service rep telling me something so obviously different than what I had been told a week prior. So by this time I had been told so many different things over the course of 4 months I requested to speak with his supervisor. He actually tried to tell me that he didn't have one other than the payroll department. I figured I would take a bit of time and explain how terrible this entire experience was and how if I ever had to experience this again I would track down his supervisor if I had too. I really don't appreciate a customer service reprehensive lying and then formulating a story that somehow takes me for a 2 year old for some stupid story he just concocted without actually checking the real status of my rifle and then refusing to let me speak with a supervisor. So when I got off the phone I did exactly what I told him I was going to do. This led me to track down via a number of different calls a customer service supervisor although not his boss she was very apologetic. One of my calls resulted in getting in touch with his boss who was on vacation so I kept calling until I got someone. She reviewed the tape and was very apologetic. Don't know that she actually did anything but considering she was in customer service but not in that department leads me to believe more may have been made of it had it just been his supervisor. If nothing else she checked into my situation and in fact provided me with a tracking number where the service rep said my rifle was at the end of the train but in line to be inspected.

Customer service and more importantly great customer service requires time and sometimes a vast amount of resources. Personally I don't like dealing with companies where their customer service is non-existent or bad. Resources are precious and cost money but this is one of the reasons I like being able to call Wilson Combat and get exactly that.

I'm glad it sounds like they fixed your gun. I hope no more visits back to the mothership are required.
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