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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
In a real-world low-light shooting situation the goal isn't about shot speed, it's about rapid target ID and acquisition. If you have the entire range to yourself you should put up targets in all lanes with random numbers on them. Have the guy with the shot timer call out one of those numbers, and see how fast you can find the target with that number on it then fire and hit said target. Simply seeing how fast you can flick on a flashlight and blast a target in front of you doesn't really correlate with anything.
Takes me about .2 more to ID, doesn't slow me much at all hence why I'm just doing it on one right now to try and figure stuff out. I don't think what I'm doing is useless since I have to be able to see the sights and target properly to hit after all.

I usually do what you mentioned standing in front of the line with a rifle though so next time I'll do it with a handgun. Great suggestion, should be a lot more data from that. Thanks, I'll post up when I do that next week (I usually only have a full bay on Tuesdays when it's slow)
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