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3 weeks since they got the gun back with the cracked-slide. I haven't heard a thing from one of their smith's. The CSR guy keeps telling me a technical guy (meaning some sort of smith I would presume) is going to call, but it doesn't happen. I would think after 3 weeks they could answer 2 simple questions which I keep mentioning to the CSR: 1) What slide will they use to replace the cracked one? and 2) Approximately, how much longer from here?

Reasonable, right.

Already 3 weeks in the hole, and I'm thinking they haven't even looked at it. I would think warranty work should be a high priority. I've been happy with the warranty department so far (3rd trip back in only 2 years, and with only a measly 1600 rounds or so) but now they are starting to get my "Irish-up". And I'm not even Irish - that is the "funny" thing! LOL.

If something doesn't happen soon, I will have to retract my "STI CS is on par with WC Customer Service" statement above. That will show them!
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