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Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
Wow. Was not expecting that sort of an issue, that's why I tend to run guns in so hard and inspect all contact points so if something is uneven I expect it will crack but not that soon.

Hopefully they get you sorted out quickly, I'm thinking of getting some type of STI myself but can't quite decide what I want.
Thanks for well-wishes....What caliber are you looking for? If 45, they have a newer comped model (I may wind up with its slide on top of mine :-))...If 9mm, depending what you will do with the gun (assuming you like your 45's for carry), you can even look at the Wather Q5-Match-Steel. Did I just say that on the STI forum ;-)? The Q5's are great shooters and have won championships, Steel should just make them even better shooters (only ~1500$).

Originally Posted by Ytown1911 View Post
Though it is nowhere near the level of your cracked barrel, they fixed my dead front night sight very quickly and it’s on its way back to me. Should have it back on my 45 Omni next Tuesday
It is a wonderful feeling when it is on the way back :-)...They are 1 week with mine, if I don't hear from the smith by next Friday (if they are even open TGVN+1), I'll call them ~ 12/4, that will be 3 weeks with them having the gun. Not necessarily expecting it to be finished by then, but I would expect them to tell me how it will be fixed after 3 weeks in their lap.
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