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I’m in the “research” phase of purchasing an m4. I like the idea of an adjustable stock, but the m4 one looks like a snag o matic to me. In practical applications (in and out of vehicles, clothing and other equipment, in the brush) I can see a definite advantage to a fixed stock.
If you get one, don't waste your money on that overpriced collapsible stock. Check out the Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. It replaces the OEM stock with a shortened stock for a shorter length of pull. I bought one for my Remington 870 Police Magnum shotgun and the stock looks like it was made at the factory. Regular length stocks have always been too long for me and this Urbino stock from Mesa Tactical is a dream. Mesa Tactical also sells side saddle shell holders and the Urbino stock allows you to mount an extra side saddle shell holder on the side of the stock as well as the side of the shotgun receiver.


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