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Did a quick comparison of three guns: Sig P365, SCCY CPX-2, Taurus G2C. Shot at 20 feet, three 5-shot groups of Rem UMC 115gr ball followed by one 5-shot group of Hornady Critical Defense.

All guns shot similarly in terms of accuracy, and there was only one FTE--the CPX-2, into which I have installed a Galloway Precision 20# recoil spring (stock is 16#). Possibly the 20# spring will prefer 124gr or 147gr. The other guns' recoil springs feel more like 16ish#.

Below I have measured each group center-to-center, best 4 of 5 shots, followed by the sight radius of each gun. First three numbers per line are the Rem UMC results, next the HCD; in italics is the four groups' size total, then the gun's sight radius. Guns were shot in this order.

Sig Sauer P365


Taurus G2C

Yes, the Taurus outshot the Sig! Results not too scientific though; standing unsupported, shooting a bit too fast, especially at first. But still. Thinking of a re-match with these two guns. The Sig has the best trigger, and the Taurus is not bad either. (Edit: I'll probably just re-shoot the Sig tmw, same conditions.)

My experiment of putting some grip tape on top of the rear sights worked. Rather than being about 4" low at 20 feet, shots were averaging about 1" low. The other two guns shot pretty much to POA.

The SCCY has a very long and heavy pull, and a long reset. Definitely would slow down rate of fire. Need to try some heavier ammo to see if the FTE happens again. This was the first failure of any kind with this gun, and after the recoil spring change.
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