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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
Unfortunately stretching springs is only a temporary fix and actually ruins them over time. Also, while I like most of the stuff Lakeline sells I actually had problems with their recoil guide rods in my G2 pistols. The rear flange quickly got chewed up in use so I stopped using them and put the original guide rods back in place. Keep an eye on your guide rod to be sure it's not getting chewed up either.
Thanks for the tip; I'll keep an eye on it.

As far as the G2C mag springs, I consider those mags a write-off anyway unless I can find some high-quality substitute springs. A pity; how much would it have cost Taurus to use actual good-quality springs?

Much of the reason that other countries can sell their guns cheaper here has to do with their economy; specifically, manufacturing and labor costs. Price of a foreign-made gun is a very weak indicator of quality; i.e. a cheap gun made in the US is probably gonna be inferior to one made pretty much anywhere else. Like this one for example.....
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