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At the range yesterday, mag #1 performed flawlessly with both Rem UMC 115gr and Aguila 124gr FMJ. Mag #2 jammed once per full mag with the Aguila. Always seems to be about round 5 or 6, so I'm thinking weak spring-related. I took both mags apart and lengthened the springs, to see if I can get more tension back into them.

After shooting, stopped by my LGS and ordered two Mec-Gar P226 18-round mags. $23 each.

Today my G2C SS striker guide and P226 3D-printed mag spacer came in the mail. Very quick service; ordered both on the 11th. Installed the striker guide, and the trigger does indeed seem smoother. Getting the mags on Tues or Wed. Fitting the spacer under the grip, it looks like the Sig mag will be 1/2" longer--for six extra rounds! Need to order another mag spacer, this time in another color so as to quickly ID which mag I am using.

Also, I stuck a couple of small pieces of black grip tape on top of the rear sights, in an effort to let me aim normally and bring the POI up. Testing it on Monday. Probably do a shootoff with range ammo, G2C vs SCCY CPX-2 vs P365.

So I'm into the gun for $430 with night sights, a couple of upgraded parts and two far better, higher-capacity mags. (Actually my OTD price was $106, not $330, due to my trading in a gun to get this one.)
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