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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The two I owned (PT-111 G2, virtually the same gun except with a lawyer lock) never had failures to feed but they did have serious extraction issues. I had 5 mags and all ran fine. I ended up selling one of them, but I kept one and so far it's still running okay since coming back from Taurus. But yes, their customer service stinks on ice. Seasons change and your kids grow up and move out of the house while you're still waiting to get your gun back.

EDIT: Actually I went back and re-read my original thread, and the two pistols I had mistakenly received as replacements had numerous failure-to-feed issues. And that was with the same mags I've been running my two pistols with. So the fault was with the guns, not the mags. Something to keep in mind while diagnosing yours.
Thanks. I still suspect the issue is the mags, in my case.
a. First mag now runs well when shooting, after tinkering with it.
b. P226 mag also ran well when shooting.
c. Second mag hangs up consistently about 1/3 - 1/2way through. Nosediving strongly suspected.
d. When cycling rounds through by hand, I am getting jams with both mags. Mag #1 far less frequently than mag #2, which is almost every round. When I get to the range today, I will borrow the P226 mag again and see how it does with hand-cycling.
e. The feeding process is pretty straightforward on semiautos. I have polished the barrel's feed ramp, which seems like the only mod that might be needed on the gun itself. Never had such severe feeding issues with any other gun.

When I was first breaking it in, I alternated between the mags. They had been loaded up overnight to help break in the mag spring. When I got to about 50 - 60 rounds, I started having feeding issues. Until then there were none. So each mag had about 25 - 30 rounds through it, then all of a sudden, problems. Now that could argue for it being a gun issue, not mags. But the P226 mag works great, so.....

Interestingly, racking the slide with a full 12 rounds in the mag is a chore--presumably by heavy pressure on the bottom of the slide from the top round, which I think is caused by a severely-compressed mag spring. By leaving just one round out, no problem. So I will now load only 11 into the mags.

EDIT: Just took both mags apart again and re-tweaked the springs for a more upward slant at the top front. They both are now hand-cycling perfectly! :-) Hopefully that will continue at the range with actual shooting.
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