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18.lb spring should not hurt anything. 40 years ago all the so called experts installed Wolff 18 1/2.lb springs with Wilson Shock-buff's in their 1911's! (Oh my god did he say Shock-buff's) I've used Wilson Shock-buff's for over 45 years in my Colts, Springfield's and Ruger's. In .45, 9mm and Super .38's and have NEVER had one even look as if it was coming apart. I would change them out at 500 to 1000 rounds, not because they needed to be, just because the were so inexpensive. I think if they were an issue Jim Wilson would not put them in all the custom 1911's he makes for competition or law enforcement! While I'm opening up a can of worms. I have also shot tens of thousands of rounds thru Colt Series 70 1911 Government Models in .45, 9mm and Super .38 and Never had the Collet Barrel Bushing break! So any way that's my two cents worth. Shoot your SR1911 with the 18.lb spring (put a Wilson Shock-buff in and see how the felt recoil is reduced) And put your mind at ease!
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