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If I missed it I apologize, but heirloom seeds are always good. They can be found fairly cheap, long term storage is easy. Even better, start growing a small garden now. That way you learn the ins and outs and can can your own food, saving money on food storage and prepping
My wife and I have been growing the balance of our own food for years. Anybody with no experience that thinks they are going to take a bunch of seeds and plant them in the ground and grow themselves a bunch of food just like that. They are going to get pretty hungry in very short order.

Soil preparation takes a long time and a lot of work. Proper fertilization and culling takes knowledge. Timing of planting is critical. Distance between plants is very important. Pest control is difficult. And there are a number of other things involved that most people have no clue about.

If I had ten bucks to spend on prepping items. I would likely just buy a half a dozen cans of Spam.
I have no experience with the seed kits, so can’t speak to those. I’m talking about buying packs of seeds at a local coop or farm store. And that was why I also suggested starting a small garden now. Depending on the garden and location, fertilization and pest control may not be major issues. I rotate every year and rarely fertilize more than using horse manure over the winter. As far as pest control, the most we have ever done is use seven dust if it gets to bad. Beyond that we don’t do much. We are way beyond what most would consider normal though ffrom a preparation stand point. We have a tractor but most of the time we use our draft horses for plowing and farm work. And we don’t do little gardens much, our vegetable patch is right at an acre, and we did about 3 acres of corn this year. But prepping has to start somewhere, and a package of heirloom tomatoe seeds and just a little bit of research would have much higher yield than a $1 can of spam. We finally started getting a few things this past weekend. I’m just glad to have fresh tomatoes again.
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