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The $10 Prepper

What will $5 supply?

A bottle of generic aspirin
Witch Hazel wipes
a roll of wire
A ball of twine
A Sharpie pen
A box of sandwich size baggies
Cheap pliers
A couple of vinyl rain ponchos
A few p-38 can openers
Boxes of wooden matches
Instant oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
A 5 gallon plastic bucket

What will $10 get you?

At least 10 gallons of bottled water
Two cases of ramen noodles
A cheap two D cell flashlight
A hank of paracord
A blue plastic tarp
A 5 round box of 00 buck
A box, maybe two, of .22lrs
A large jar of peanut butter
A fusee railroad/highway flare
Plumber's candles
AS set of screwdrivers

Kick it up to $20 and...

A fishing combo (pole, spinning reel and line) from someplace like Walmart
A battery operated transistor radio
A box of .45acp ball ammo
A cheap knife
A small cast iron frying pan
A case or three of canned vegetables from a warehouse type store
A shovel
A bow saw

What low bucks prepping items could you add for those who want to start prepping with a minimum investment?
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