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Review of the Staccato C 9mm gun for CCW

The 9mm cartridge is not a bad choice for a self defense cartridge when JHP profiles are used. However, I prefer a bit more velocity and use the .38super cartridge with my own custom reloads. My loads, using Speer Gold Dot 125 gr. JHP bullets, leave the muzzle at an average of 1,350 fps, which is like the power of a low end .357 magnum round.

We all know that shot placement is critical, so if a person can make very good hits on an aggressor in a self defense situation, with shots that disrupt the central nervous system, you may most likely win the fight if you have good speed to the first shot, regardless if it is a 9mm or larger caliber.

I built my own STI 2011 .38 super, using a Commander length (4.25" slide).
I use STI 126mm flush fit mags that hold 15+1 rounds in the gun, and carry one additional 126mm mag on my weak side hip with 16 rounds.

One never knows what type of self defense situation you may encounter. If there happens to be more than one "bad guy," I would rather have more ammo in the gun to avoid a reload if possible.....even though I can conduct very fast reloads.....

I have a very compact 1911 single stack with a 3.5" slide chambered in 38 super as well.....this gun hold 10+1 when carried cocked and locked. For my self defense gun builds, I am able to get very good and consistent barrel lock up, and the slide stop pin keeps good support against the barrel lower lug to provide optimal accuracy.....
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