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You’re very concerned with pure speed.....

That’s fine, usually doesn’t hurt. But I could show two documented instances where obsession with speed in training, did in fact ‘hurt’.

Speed is but one leg of the trifecta required to end things as much in your favor as possible. Speed for speed sake is great and fun, but as I’ve said before.....RARELY the deciding factor in gunfights.

I started seriously shooting with speed as a component in the early days of IPSC. Then into USPSA, then/ additionally IDPA. I carried a professionally for just over 40 years.

I’ll never knock speed, but it’s a component that generally gives you a bit of luxury in certain areas when the targets have guns as well.

We tend to want to transfer many of our ‘range goodies’ to situations when we carry. Some transfer well, others not so much.

Bottom line is there are some fight hardened folks walking the planet, many of them aren’t the fastest on the range, with the coolest gear. Reminder, I like fast, and I love cool gear. Was lucky enough to be sponsored for quite a few years.

But all’s well until the bullets or barstools start flying.......then ‘holding your mud’ comes into play in a big way.
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